2020 International Women’s Day Sees Taiwan’s Accomplishments in Gender Equality

The 2020 marks as the 25th anniversary of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action, and in the last 25 year, Taiwan has accomplished significantly regarding gender equality. Heralding “I am Generation Equality”, Taiwan responds to the Generation Equality advocacy of the UN WOMEN, to show the world that everyone can take actions on generation equality.

When it comes to gender equality issues, Taiwan assumes leadership in Asia. From women’s political participation, workplace equality to respect for gender diversity and inclusion, Taiwan is ahead of its neighbors and setting examples for other parts of the world.

According to the Women, Business and the Law 2020 report published by the World Bank in February, Taiwan ranks top in Asia. Of 190 economies, Taiwan ranks the 35th. After the congressional election in January, 41.59% of the congresspeople in Taiwan are female, which is higher than the global average of 24.5%. The first female President in Taiwan won an overwhelming success for her second term. Last year, Taiwan became the first Asian country to legalize same-sex marriage.

Under the shadow of a global pandemic, celebrations for International Women’s Day have been canceled, including the events in New York. Activities may have been called off but Taiwan’s determination to defend women’s rights will not. NGOs are taking online social channels to share with the world their success in building gender equality.

In addition to setting bars in gender equality, Taiwan is also a role model for epidemic prevention as it has built for its people a reliable and safe land in the high-risk Asia. It is firmly believed that Taiwan can connect with the international community as a world citizen in the fields of women’s right, public health and global sustainable development by sharing its experience.